Birds of a Feather

Collecting our thoughts and executing them requires a great deal of time and effort. Time well spent.

Pressure is often better faced in a diffused mode. Well this is almost like doing nothing at all.

Sometimes we face the most important moments of our lives. The heart is willing but the mind is never prepared. We go over and over every detail to get everything right. Yet we are never quite sure how we can make everything work.

Birdwatching is allows the mind to wander .

Laughing Gull

We often place the most pressure on ourselves to be perfect, all the time. Let’s face it, each day never goes as planned.

Great Blue Heron

Birds live an awesome life. It’s well planned and executed dispite neverending hardships and difficulties.

Pied-billed Grebe

Birds work hard at their relationships. Their mating rituals are intricate and meaningful. Their partners can be many or a mate for life.

Snowy Egret

They take extraordinary chances. If only human beings could be as consistent as birds. Our relationships and life would go as planned, whatever happens.

Birds are amazing!

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The heart knows what it wants. We can be surprised or welcoming to what we get. As life unfolds we can be prepared. We are fortunate to know and have what we truly desire. I enjoy waking up to the realization that my dreams are my reality.