California Friendly

My California family are one of the best things to happen to me.

Class time in California

Some of my friends love drinking beer and lying on the beach. As for me, I sat at a computer, managing an office. Yeah that was the closest I got to the beach. At that time, their eyes always showed signs of worry. I never realized how or what they saw in me. My longtime friends helped me change.

Bahamian visitor, California classroom

I can see them now, leading a packing boy. He pushed a trolley laden with cases of beer and liquor back to their villa. They drank and sunbathed. I saw them sporting lobster tans in their swimsuits or bare-backed in bermuda shorts. Sometimes they ventured by or inside to buy ice. This was the life they left California to live, three weeks out of every year. They did this with style.

Some days they would call me and make small talk. Every year they brought wonderful gifts! They saved the best gift for last. It was an invitation to visit their home in California. I always said “someday.”

Pacific Ocean, Monterey Beach, California

It’s hard to say no when the airfare, accommodations and tours are free. Travel airmiles, an extraordinary itinerary and their gracious hospitality made me say “Yes.” I spent nothing. My friends gave me no way out!

The Gang

Since then I have grown up a whole lot. Hard work isn’t enough.

Memories can be stimulating as well as sobering. Some friendships are life changing. It’s interesting how others see us. Their words give great clues. Like a turtle we can haul ourselves back into our shells, or we can stick our necks out and follow their lead.

California Redwood Forests

One thing is for sure, I don’t always get what I bargin for. This time I got a whole lot more!

About Dream Catcher

The heart knows what it wants. We can be surprised or welcoming to what we get. As life unfolds we can be prepared. We are fortunate to know and have what we truly desire. I enjoy waking up to the realization that my dreams are my reality.