Take 2:Great Blue Heron

This bird does not make a grand entrance.  It was still as can be. I could have easily missed this opportunity, but once again my daughter caught it for me.

You can tell these lens are focused properly as the lens for the first blog were not capable of taking high definition photographs.  I encountered this love at Lake Eola Park, Orlando Florida.  A starter camera is not the one for this elegant bird.  However, my daughter fell in love with this injured Heron and made every attempt succeeding at capturing this surprise. These photographs are so much improved.

A long-legged wader, this Great Blue Heron was caught observing park goers and organizers set up for an annual marathon run.  It stood still without movement.

This lake water was calm with not much traffic at the start of the day.  A better Canon camera was purchased for rare sightings like this one.  It is painful to see such beauty and not be able to record it for nostalgia. However, now the goals are to capture better angels and become a better wildlife photographer!


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The heart knows what it wants. We can be surprised or welcoming to what we get. As life unfolds we can be prepared. We are fortunate to know and have what we truly desire. I enjoy waking up to the realization that my dreams are my reality.