American Crow

This American Crow was extremely friendly.  If you can see all of the photos, they mostly stayed pretty far away from me and the camera.
American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos, Photo by Marcia Verleta

This just might be the most comfortable stance this crow allowed me to see.  I barely could find the opportunity to get in easy shots of this extremely intelligent bird.  Nevertheless we kept on trying, with success.

It is a spy that does not like to be spied upon.  Of course, who likes to be caught sneaking a peek? This crow stayed a great distance away.  Without lessons, this new Cannon camera was not much help for a newbie like me. 

Focusing was hard, especially for an easy shot like this one.  I just kept clicking.  The friendliness of this crow peaked my interest, immensly.

There were no ‘do not feed the birds’ signs at this spot at our vacation retreat.  What a relief! We had the ammunition we needed to keep them coming, and they kept coming too.  Simple white bread, pinched in small bite size chunks worked well enough.

Sometimes I am stunned by how well birds get along with each other.  The crow fits in well in any environment.  It walks in between the bustling crowd of two legged food seekers getting whatever it finds without fussing or fight.

This bird is very private and smart.  It watches for a good while before partaking in any ambitious activity.  Can’t say that I blame them.  Maybe during my next visit I will encounter this same crew once again.

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