Killdeer: Eve Roper



by Eve Roper

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015


Hidden in the crisp green field grass, my babies lay under our guidance protected as they lay nestled safe in a quiet place.

A nest I have scratched from a small shallow area in the brown soil camouflaged from sight.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !



Bobbing my head up and down attempting to distract and lure the predator away from my nest as it comes near.  Immediately my mate runs quickly to the left, feigning I have a broken wing I hobble to the right.  It’s coming too close, I spread my wings and take flight to escape taunting the predator with my call.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !

We successfully succeed to divert the predator away.  I back track to my babies, shaking from the trauma I have gone through.

OH! No!



One of my young has ventured away from the nest I have to direct him back before he falls prey to one of our predators.

Thank goodness the others have remained hidden.

Replicas of ourselves, our downy fluffy babies are scurrying about following us.  They’re foraging around for insects and earthworms since they are not old enough to fly.

My chicks will be on their own after their feathers and wing muscles are sufficiently developed for flight.


Killdeer by Marcia Verleta.

Killdeer by Marcia Verleta.

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