Don’t Allow Fear to Become Your Profession

Quite easy for me to say.  However, it is exceptionally difficult to put into practice.Let us first familiarize ourselves with fear.

How do you know when it is fear you are facing? Here is my short list.

  1. Fear is a two-faced friend.
  2. Fear provides the best arguments.
  3. Fear steals precious time.
  4. Fear makes excuses.
  5. Fear consumes the mind.
  6. Fear makes you sick.
  7. Fear is stifling.
  8. Fear makes you complacent.
  9. Fear is overpowering.
  10. Fear ends once in a lifetime opportunities.

And I can go on….  Please make your list.  It is therapeutic to actually think about what power fear has over you.

What you can do to overcome your fears?

  1. Be honest about everything you have given up on.
  2. Ask yourself the tough questions you might have previously avoided, to get to the answers you need.
  3. Take time to establish your own personal thoughts and opinions.
  4. Establish your belief system (i.e. who and what you truly want to become.)
  5. Recognize each problem by making a list.
  6. Take your own advice.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  8. Forgive yourself.
  9. Begin again.
  10. Keep trying.

My mother passed away this year after many years of pain and suffering.  Mum lived her life fiercely and unapologetically. It comes naturally for some of us.

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